Land Acquisition

Private Land

Path to market is critical. Our diverse geographic experience, high lead closing rate, and rapid path to close ensures a regular feed of land acquisition opportunities from our current clients. Altis is often engaged by clients to manage single large or strategic landowner negotiations. Altis offers several forms of site control to enable successful land acquisition. We pull title early and incorporate redundant lease signing quality control measures secure legal site control to avoid costly title curative measures down the road.  Also all Altis developers are Colorado notaries.

Federal Land

Altis has acquired nine BLM Type 1 and 2 Wind Energy Site Testing and Monitoring rights-of-way across nine different districts in CA, OR, NV and AZ, including experience as the lead developer for an expansion of the first commercial wind farm under the BLM Programmatic EIS.  Siting energy projects on BLM land is as much about established professional relationships as it is about understanding pertinent land use policies.  Altis has productive relationships with professional BLM staff within numerous field offices throughout the western U.S.

State Land

Altis has experience acquiring State land wind energy and solar farm rights-of-way in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Wyoming and Arizona. Notably the operating Dry Lake II wind farm, which is sited on State, Federal and private land in Arizona.


Often the best wind resources are not adjacent to existing transmission infrastructure. Altis offers linear right-of-way routing and acquisition services to ensure access to the Point of Interconnection.

Project Access

Securing legal and enforceable access to project sites is equally important as securing site control on the site itself. Altis secures private road use agreements and rights-of-way across State and Federal lands for wind, solar and transmission projects.