Land Acquisition

Whether the project encompasses private, state, federal lands, Altis can provide leasing or right-of-way solutions to ensure project success.

Private Land
Altis has demonstrated success siting projects in rural, urban and industrial land uses. Recognizing that each landowner has its own set of circumstances, Altis can offer several forms of site control to enable successful land acquisition.

Path to market is often critical for Altis clients. Altis’ experience identifying sites and negotiating agreements in nearly every US market has allowed it to refine the land acquisition process and move quickly to help clients get there first.

Altis understands the importance of ensuring proper title within project participants to minimize curative requirements when Title Insurance is needed.  Altis implements early quality control safeguards utilizing title and legal resources to ensure legal site control from the outset.

Operating under the philosophy that the landowner relationship is a long term one that should be nurtured from the outset, Altis is often called upon to manage single landowner
negotiations that require tailored approaches that draw upon its experience negotiating multiple agreements for various entities in renewable energy and transmission space.

Sometime the need is as simple as acquiring amendments from existing lessors, or filling in gaps in a project area to make it more contiguous.  Regardless of the land composition and need, Altis offers the strategy and negotiation tools for success.

Federal Land

Altis has acquired nine BLM Type 1 and 2 Wind Energy Site Testing and Monitoring rights-of-way across nine different districts in CA, OR, NV and AZ, including experience as the lead developer for an expansion of the first commercial wind farm under the BLM Programmatic EIS.  Siting energy projects on BLM land is as much about established professional relationships as it is about understanding pertinent land use policies.  Altis has deep productive relationships with professional BLM staff within numerous field offices throughout the western U.S.

State Land

Altis has direct experience acquiring State land wind energy right-of-way in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and Arizona, including a now operational wind farm Dry Lake II sited on State lands in northeast Arizona.  With the unfortunate trend of reduced State budgets, fewer resources are available to process right-of-way requests, and the process varies state by state.  Altis has strategic relationships with several state real estate personnel in the interior west have yielded successful right-of-way acquisitions despite these challenges.

Transmission Routing

Often the best energy resources are not adjacent to existing or proposed transmission infrastructure.  Altis offers linear right-of-way siting and acquisition services that incorporate GIS to generate routes and provide flexibility and options for the land acquisition strategy.

Project Access

Altis offers Road Use Agreement acquisition services on private land and right-of-way acquisition services on State and Federal land for projects needing to demonstrate legal and enforceable access.